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Jenni - View of Senses @ Femjoy

Jenni - View of Senses @ Femjoy

It’s hard to look at Jenni and not think perfection. She has all the qualities of what you might call a “global sensation blonde.” Think Marilyn, Bardot, Pamela. And now add to that list, Jenni, the German bombshell whose only nude appearances are in FEMJOY photos and movies. How’s that for “status”?

This video stars our sizzling sensation in a beautifully lit experience in a window sill in an artist’s loft in Berlin. Jenni is in fine form here, moving and teasing the camera with her incredibly intimate, secretive, suggestive eyes.

But of course Jenni’s eyes might be the last thing you’re looking at as you peruse this erotic footage. From head to toe, Jenni is immaculate feminine wonder. Her lips are full and red, her skin is golden brown and smooth, her breasts are petite yet sumptuous, and as you move on down Jenni gets better and better, ending with a pair of legs and feet that just keep you begging for more.

An amazing video, and an amazing model.

Lulu - Detail @ Femjoy

Lulu - Detail @ Femjoy Lulu is a breath of fresh air. One forgets that there are still women that are truly wholesome and demure. There is something almost timid about Lulu. She seems unaware of the power her beauty affords her and is unskilled in the art of seduction. Her movements are graceful and erotic but she seems vulnerable, and as you watch, you may find yourself wanting to take care of her needs and desires, to show her the ways to touch and be touched.

Lulu wears only a sweet, sincere smile. But without a stitch of clothing or a drop of makeup, she arouses. In this video, she poses, graceful and easy, with each position allowing us to see the perfect symmetry of her breasts, the length of her strong, lean limbs, and the sensual arch in her back as she lays herself across a low wooden bench. She doesn’t pretend. There is nothing forced or pretentious about her. Lulu welcomed you with her huge blue eyes, giggles, and smiles, and treats you to the lusciousness of her sex from the front and the back. A wholesome, natural beauty with shy innocence and sexual naïveté, Lulu is the girl-next-door of your dreams.

Avida - Back and Forth @ Femjoy

Avida - Back and Forth @ Femjoy

This moving picture is called “Back and Forth,” but you’ll have to download it to really get a sense for what that phrase means. Suffice to say that the “back and forth” we’re speaking of involves the adorable Miette and the sizzling Avida, and that going “back and forth” between the two models is about as alluring an experience as a man could have.

This video is staged largely as a photo shoot, though it’s one that takes place in the world of fantasy…your fantasy, that is, and your fantasy’s desire to see Miette and Avida strutting their stuff and showing off what is so excellent about them - their young, beautiful, naked bodies.

As the camera hones in on Miette, she bites her lip and stares into the lens. Running her hands through her hair, then over her breasts, she seduces the viewer with her girlish innocence masked by womanly eroticism. You cannot look away. Then comes Avida, the sassier of the two, striking a pose, facing forward and letting her female flower come in full view, then turning quickly and giving her ass a slap.

Back and forth is where your desire will be going after you view this incredible moving picture.

Angelina - Time Stands @ Femjoy

Angelina - Time Stands @ Femjoy

Not long ago we posted a new photo set entitled “Introducing Angelina.” It was a big hit with our members, and now we’re glad to give you a new moving picture starring this lovely young blonde.

This moving picture takes place in a chair in a warmly lit attic. It’s clearn and white and inviting, just like Angelina. Completely nude, Angelina sits on a chair and slowly shows off her delightful young body. Striking a variety of poses - some explicit, others less so - she teases the viewer into her world and never lets him go.

What do we love so much about Angelina? Well, to begin with, she’s got that way cute school girl haircut with the one little clip on the side. Her body is tan and firm and so fresh. And she is not too shy to open up her legs nice and wide for her lover to join her there for pleasure.

Thanks, Angelina, for being so free and beautiful!

Avida - Sitting Low @ Femjoy

Avida - Sitting Low @ Femjoy Avida sits in a wooden chair in a rustic, spare cabin. It seems like this place is new to her as she gracefully makes her way around the room. Yet she appears content to be naked in this place with the slowly setting sun shining through the window, warming her fit, coltish body. She displays her youthful innocence when she swings around the bedposts. She shows us the tip of her pretty pink tongue while making a funny face.

Balancing on her firm ass, she curls her knees to her chin, and comfortably balances there. Later, she will frame her face with her legs and run a finger down her inner thigh. The views we get from these (and several other) positions in this moving picture are not to be believed. The camera pans slowly up her body and then moves between her legs. Mercifully, it stays there and captures every delicate fold of her flower before she effortlessly adjusts her body into another equally mind-blowing position.

This video is not to be missed. You will not believe the treasure that awaits.

Angelina - White Dreams @ Femjoy

Angelina - White Dreams @ Femjoy In this video, we find Jenni and Angelina, two stunning blonds, and become mesmerized by their sweet and playful ways. We meet them on a large bed with fluffy white blankets. The girls stretch and roll, flirting and teasing one another, enjoying the way the sun streams in and warms them and the soft feel of the fabric on their smooth naked skin.

The video opens with the models removing their bathrobes and tossing them aside. Jenni twirls Angelina’s hair between her fingers, and the girls laughingly push and flirt, using one another’s long athletic bodies and shapely limbs as props and pillows. To watch Jenni and Angelina interact brings to mind a high school slumber party or a college dorm where girls are blissfully unselfconscious of their bodies and feel free to touch one another in love and friendship.

It is this sense of freedom that allows each girl to move and stretch, showing off her own and her friends’ most intimate places. They luxuriate in the bed and in the silkiness of one another’s skin, arching their backs and entwining their limbs. This video is the perfect study of the innocence and eroticism of two beautiful young women.

Anna-Leah - Pure Movements @ Femjoy

Anna-Leah - Pure Movements @ Femjoy

Even in her innocence, Anna-Leah’s dark eyes are penetrating. She splashes to get your attention. She splashes again to tease, throwing water onto her body and letting those lucky drops slide down over her curves. There is a sweetness, an innocence about her, but moving seductively through the water and over the rocks, she is a mischievous nymphet in her element, at home in the purity of nature and knowledgeable of the power her beauty possesses.

It takes a very special girl to outshine nature’s beauty, yet Anna Leah manages to do just that. Standing in a small cove, Anna-Leah doesn’t pose. There is no tension or strain in her muscles. Rather, like the water beneath her, Anna-Leah undulates; her tiny waist creates an hourglass, turning her body into one long, lean wave. She is breathtaking as she moves, with one delicious body part rippling into the next. She is a tantalizing creature.

Marta - Wood Shadow @ Femjoy

Marta - Wood Shadow @ Femjoy In this Exclusive Moving Picture called “Wood Shadow,” Marta basks in the beauty of the forest; embracing nature the way nature has embraced her. The sun shines on her long, golden hair. Her nipples harden and darken as the breeze dances over her creamy skin. She tickles her soft thighs and ample breasts with the leaves and plants provided by the woods. She is carefree, and like an adolescent deer, confidently and innocently surveying her surroundings, unsure of what to expect but eagerly awaiting its arrival.

In Greek mythology, there are many stories of travelers who encounter wood nymphs dancing or bathing in a steam or pool. The travelers are taken into the nymph’s whirlwind. Such encounters could be dangerous, bringing acute love-sickness and besotted infatuation. There is something untamed and sensual in the way Marta moves. She is sweet and irresistible; like a wood nymph, a fabled goddess of the forest.

So, brave traveler, as you move on to Marta’s Moving Picture, remember: Getting there is easy. It’s leaving that may present a problem.

Jenni - Cleopatra @ Femjoy

Jenni - Cleopatra @ Femjoy Jenni is blond. She has light blue eyes, tan skin, and a long slim body. She shares very few, if any, of the physical characteristics traditionally ascribed to Cleopatra. However, Cleopatra was a great seductress and one of the most renowned romantic heroines of all time. Her beauty and charm brought two of Rome’s greatest kings and warriors to their knees. It is here where the comparisons to Jenni are fitting.

In this Exclusive Moving Picture, we find Jenni in a bathtub laden with rose petals. She draws the crimson petals up her legs, lets them settle on her body, and gather between her legs, creating a romantic wrapping for her delicate sex. Except for the jewel in her belly button, Jenni is gloriously nude. She moves without posing artificially. She has a maturity about her, a commanding presence that intrigues. She moves easily, with grace, like royalty. Though we see even her most intimate places, she is the picture of class.

It is in videos like Jenni’s that the availability of HDV is so appreciated. The light reflecting off the ceiling hits Jenni’s shoulders, collarbone and forehead. She shimmers. It is possible to track the path of every drop of water on her skin and memorize every detail of her burgundy nipples.

The last few seconds of this moving picture are breathtaking and not to be missed. We won’t spoil the surprise. Click to see for yourself. The queen is waiting.

Misa - Ireland @ Femjoy

Misa - Ireland @ Femjoy In this Exclusive FEMJOY Moving Picture you will find Misa, a naively sexy beauty hovering on the brink of womanhood. She does not purposely seduce. She isn’t even really coy. Instead, Misa invites you to explore and experience her sexuality with her.

In “Ireland” you will find Misa sprawled out among the daisies while endless fields of emerald grass stretch out behind her. The ease with which Misa moves illustrates how much she enjoys feeling the sun on her face, the breeze through her hair and across her tiny, puckered nipples, and the coarse wood of the fence pressing on the small of her back and in between her legs. She savors and thinks over each new sensation. Her nubile breasts and coltish limbs attest to her youth while her curvy, heart-shaped behind and the pouty lips of her sex belie it. An unstudied grace, genuine smile and an unquenchable thirst for fun and pleasure complete the package.

Irish folklore tells us: Follow the rainbow to its end and you’ll find a pot of gold. FEMJOY offers something better. Follow the link and you’ll find Misa.